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Questions & answers

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What if I don't know my budget?

Take a best guess, and we can discuss resourcing your project on a call after I hear from you. And don't worry, the budget is only to give me a better idea of your project's scope. You won't receive an estimate that just happens to come in $1 less than your maximum.

How do you charge?

I follow an agile process, generally charging a flat day rate and doing weekly reviews with you to ensure the project is staying on track. That way we catch any scope-creep problems early so they can be addressed immediately. I invoice on any schedule from weekly to monthly, depending on the duration of the project and what works best for the client.

Should I use Little Planet or a full-service agency?

Little Planet is an independent studio – I'm a web designer and developer with extensive experience working with nonprofits and running startups. If your project is focussed on web design and development (eg: a new website, redesigning an existing site, campaign sites, web apps) then as a general rule it will be less expensive, more efficient, and more effective to use Little Planet.

However, if your project is large and would benefit from a multi-disciplinary team (eg: launching a whole brand, including media, PR, and identity work) then you should probably go to an agency. While it's possible to subcontract every piece out to independent professionals, the premium you pay at a full-service agency is worth it for having everyone collaborating under the same roof.

If in doubt, get in touch and I'll point you in the direction of great agencies if I think they would be a better fit for you project.

Why is Little Planet less expensive than agencies? Is the work as good?

Absolutely! Little Planet is generally less expensive than traditional full-service agencies because it's an independent studio. I don't suffer the excessive overheads that an agency does, and I can work closely and directly with my clients, often resulting in more efficient development cycles.

This approach isn't for all projects, but for the majority it results in highly effective work at a fraction of the cost.